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Let’s start with explaining what an explainer video is, or just watch this…

At TopVideoMarketer we make the proven benefits of the explainer video more transparent. We create the most captivating and engaging animated and whiteboard explainer videos in the industry. OUR GOAL is to give you a powerful and engaging tool to capture your target audience and turn them into buying clients, aka revenue. You know you want to increase revenue, but you are afraid to spend marketing dollars without a guarantee it will work. With so many options in today’s competitive world and everyone telling you they have the answer, it is overwhelming for business owners. You are probably spending a lot of money (not to mention energy) to drive people to your website, but what happens once you get them there? YOU MUST CONVERT them. Otherwise, everything spent getting them there was a waste. The original video content we create is done in a fun way that allows you to engage and educate your prospects and get them comfortable and excited to buy from you!

The Team

Our team comes to work every day because we have a passion for helping businesses flourish. We take great pride in telling the story of your product/service in a creative and compelling manner. You get why your product/service is extraordinary; you need a simple and effective solution to ensure your prospects get it too! This is why we do what we do. Our team is diverse. We are graphic designers, writers, marketing strategists and business people. Our diversity is our competitive advantage. Our collaborative approach to making each video remarkable unifies us. At TopVideoMarketer we provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!


Imagine spending your entire life climbing the corporate ladder all the while secretly dreaming about starting your own business. With years of knowledge and experience working for Fortune 500 companies, Sandra took a leap of faith and launched TopVideoMarketer in 2016. Her dream of becoming a business owner in the online video marketing space was realized. Sandra values hard work, the entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of excellence. She also values frozen yogurt, CrossFit, and watching countless videos on her Facebook news feed, in no particular order.

Michael is our expert script writer. A public speaker, prolific reader, and published author, Michael keeps us on our toes when it comes to writing captivating and compelling messaging. He has published 15 books and counting. Michael has the unique ability to engage and entice an audience; all the while explaining your business story. In Michael’s spare time he enjoys writing (big surprise), running, long distance running, and more running. He’s a runner.

Shannon is our in house digital media expert. With over 20 years Marketing and Advertising experience she has an extensive background in online video solutions. Shannon helps businesses stay on top of the latest trends. She has developed marketing strategy for both small and large businesses and knows the importance of ROI (Return on Investment). She has a proven record of increasing website traffic, conversions and revenue. Around here, we call Shannon the “wonder-woman”. When Shannon is not working she enjoys spending time with her son and as a hardcore Michigan football fan she loves watching college sports. Go Blue!

SuperBaby - Too cute for a title

Too cute for a title

SuperBaby is truly the inspiration behind it all. She has an intense passion for all things digital. In fact, at only two years old, she has a firm grasp on all the best animation and storytelling available on the market today. Her favorite hobby is watching videos on the iPad and she vehemently protests when one tries to distract her from that activity. Recently she started her own video blog and will likely follow in her mother’s entrepreneurial footsteps.

The Mascot - 'Memphis the flying dog'

The Mascot
‘Memphis the flying dog’

We all know videos of dancing babies and cute puppies often go viral. So our mascot, aka “Memphis,” insists that every one of our explainer videos include a small white fluffy dog. He doesn’t realize that he’s not actually in charge of the creative direction of each video, and thinks that he has some great insights to share, but we will let you be the judge of that. Memphis has been Sandra’s loyal sidekick for 12 years, and we love his sweet demeanor.